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The Female Money Doctor's Money Medicine Clinic

This exclusive and private membership is for women who want to be more savvy with their money. I know you're busy, and the last thing you can do is try to fit in a course into your busy schedule to learn more about taking control of your finances. Me too. But you KNOW it's a priority and it's something you REALLY want to do. Well why not do things in your own time at your own pace? Being a Clinic Member means that not only will you have exclusive access to great content, you'll have access to monthly live calls with me where you can voice your questions and get some answers to your money worries. You'll also be part of a unique tribe of like-minded women who support and encourage each other through the journey. New content is released monthly (sometimes more!), and you'll be notified of updates. Topics will include: budgeting pensions insurances getting out of debt new fintech reviews book discussions for furthering your knowledge investing saving money mindset shifts time-saving tips and much much more..... Topics are lead and directed by YOU, so if there is something you really want to know, I'll make it happen. And do you know what the best bit is? 10% of your monthly subscription fee will be saved, and at the end of the year will go to a charity that the group will vote on - you'll be saving yourself from financial stress AND help save the world, what's not to like?? Please note: I'm not a financial adviser, so I cannot advise you on specifics like "what you should invest in" or "what you should do with your money". If you want this kind of advice, then go to and look for a financial adviser near you.

The Debt Busting Bootcamp

This bundle will go through the action steps you must take in order to become debt free. Go through each video in turn and take your time. Changing your habits won’t happen overnight, especially if, like me, you’ve been overspending for ages. Also, please don’t get discouraged when you’re going through the information and your own numbers. It’s hard work, but you will feel the benefits, I promise. Subscription Only.
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Get To Know Your Numbers

If you're not sure where to start - start here! This bundle will go through the essential numbers you need to be aware of when managing your finances. If you have gaps in your knowledge, that's where I'd start learning first.
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The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge

This challenge goes into detail about how YOU can bring in more money so that you can build up your emergency fund. But don't stop there! The methods I show you in this challenge will go A LONG WAY to helping you in all other areas of your budget.....come on in!
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The Supermarket Challenge

Learn how to reduce your supermarket spend by challenging yourself to spend only in cash for at least one month. It's hard, but it's do-able!
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The 7 Day Money Kickstarter Challenge

This 7-day freebie will help you get to grips with some basics around your money - how to keep more, make more and have an awesome, healthy retirement.
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The Beginner's Guide To Investing

An easy to follow guide to getting you started with investing. I'm with you every step of the way.
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