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Wow these 6 weeks have flown by! 
Before I joined a course Nikki said something that I couldn't quite get off my mind, which was with the inflation rate rising at 3% each year you want your investment to rise higher than that - a savings account is not going to give you that. This is what really got me to sign up for the course!

So far this is what I have done:
- Found out my credit score
-Calculated my net worth (and understood what it meant)
-Know the difference between an asset and a liability (an understood what it meant)
-Sorted out my pensions
-Used the money pie method (key for me was to include an education pot to this and professional registration fees)
-Set up an emergency fund
-Set up my investment

Now I've just to start on the emergency f*ck off plan....

Looking forward to seeing what the next 2 weeks bring!
Yancy Jensen

Meet Dr Nikki!

Dr Nikki, The Female Money Doctor, is the ONLY doctor to be featured in the top 25 feedspot list of Personal Finance Blogs in the UK.

With over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor and women’s health specialist, she sees the impact poor money management skills have on the mental health of her patients and colleagues, and is on a mission to change that.

She believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background.