What's Your UNIQUE Money Personality?
August 13, 2019
Have you wondered why you do the things you do? How we do money is how we do everything, and your personality says a lot about how you are likely to be around money.

If you'd like to play along and find out YOUR UNIQUE money personality then why not take this quick 10 minute quiz.... it will help you uncover what's keeping you stuck and blocked around taking the next step in your money journey!

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Kathy Roberts

Here are my results:

For the Connector Archetype, you scored 35.

The connector is your inner “relationship creator”.

For the Nurturer Archetype, you scored 29.

The nurturer is your “inner sponsor”.

For the Alchemist Archetype, you scored 28.

The alchemist is your inner “idealist”.

For the Ruler Archetype, you scored 28.

The Ruler is your inner “empire builder”.

For the Maverick Archetype, you scored 22.

The maverick is your inner “rebel with a cause”.

For the Accumulator Archetype, you scored 20.

The accumulator is your “inner banker”.

For the Romantic Archetype, you scored 15.

Romantic is your inner “hedonist”.

For the Celebrity Archetype, you scored 14.

The Celebrity is your inner “big shot”.

Nikki Ramskill

Thank you for your comment! You have a fab too 3- how do you feel about them?