6 Money Myths You Might Be Thinking That Are Holding You Back
August 13, 2019
Money is one of those subjects that everyone thinks they know something about, but in reality, “common knowledge” can actually be holding people back from properly managing their money.

Let’s start unpicking!

I’m Rubbish With Money

The first myth is one that I held onto for a long time, and this was “I’m rubbish with money”.

The problem with our brains is that our subconscious layer (our lizard brain – remember that?) believes every word we say. The more we tell ourselves or others that “we’re rubbish with money” (even if it is in jest), then that’s exactly what we will be. For years I believed that I couldn’t handle money. This is probably why I gave it away to my ex to sort out.

Every time I made a mistake, it was confirmation to me that I couldn’t manage my money, so I’d beat myself up even more and ingrain that belief even further into my subconscious.

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