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Wow these 6 weeks have flown by! 
Before I joined a course Nikki said something that I couldn't quite get off my mind, which was with the inflation rate rising at 3% each year you want your investment to rise higher than that - a savings account is not going to give you that. This is what really got me to sign up for the course!

So far this is what I have done:
- Found out my credit score
-Calculated my net worth (and understood what it meant)
-Know the difference between an asset and a liability (an understood what it meant)
-Sorted out my pensions
-Used the money pie method (key for me was to include an education pot to this and professional registration fees)
-Set up an emergency fund
-Set up my investment

Now I've just to start on the emergency f*ck off plan....

Looking forward to seeing what the next 2 weeks bring!
Yancy Jensen

Meet Dr Nikki!

I am a UK-based GP, who has a specialist interest in how money affects my patients both mentally and physically. I have a wealth of personal experience when it comes to making money mistakes! I’m on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being.