C - Stage 2: Building Momentum by Nikki Ramskill
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C - Stage 2: Building Momentum

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What's included?

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Mapping The Path To Freedom
Net Worth Tracking.mp4
12 mins
[TOOL] Net Worth Calculators updated
96.6 KB
The Big Rocks.mp4
26 mins
[SLIDES] The Big Rocks
8.19 MB
Dating Your Money.mp4
20 mins
[SLIDES] “Dating Your Money” - putting structure into your finances
1.3 MB
[PRINTABLE] Money Dating Checklist
67.9 KB
How to work out your state pension
7 mins
The Pension Organiser
14 mins
[TOOL] Pension Organiser
29.2 KB
How to manage multiple streams of income
18 mins
[SLIDES] Multiple steams of income and ageing your money
544 KB
What might stop you?
14 mins
[SLIDES] What Might Stop You On Your Path
4.93 MB
How to stay motivated!
29 mins
[SLIDES] How to stay motivated and on track
4.99 MB
Planning For Emergencies
The Emergency Fund Part 1
15 mins
[SLIDES] The Emergency Fund
1.9 MB
[TOOL] 1p Challenge
71.9 KB
Conscious network design
21 mins
[SLIDES] Conscious Network Design
2.87 MB
The Fearless Folder
10 mins
313 KB
[CHECKLIST] The Fearless Folder Checklist
33.1 KB
[TOOL] Fearless Folder
47.1 KB
[Facebook Live] Planning For Emergencies
38 mins
Holding Yourself Accountable
Introduction To Accountability Month
3 mins
Money Flows
6 mins
[SLIDES] Money Flows
16.6 MB
Daily Tracking Calendar
7 mins
[TOOL] Tracking Calendar
10.3 KB
Motivational and Accountability Scorecard
17 mins
[TOOL] 1p Challenge
71.9 KB
The Wealth Staircase
17 mins
[TOOL] Money Motivation and Accountability Scorecard
10.2 KB
[SLIDES] The Wealth Staircase
22.4 MB
Income Tracking Exercise
9 mins
Thinking and Thanking Exercise
10 mins
[SLIDES] Thinking and Thanking Exercise
4.2 MB