The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge by Nikki Ramskill

The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge

The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge will help you to make you to kickstart your savings so that they can support you in a crisis. The concepts work for ANY savings goal, so feel free to apply them to anything you want to achieve.

What's included?

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The £1000 Challenge CheckList FINAL.pdf
284 KB
Day 1 of the £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge.mp4
58 mins
Day 2 - Matched Betting.mp4
47 mins
Day 3 - Side-Hustle Selling.mp4
48 mins
Day 4 - Becoming a virtual assistant.mp4
(1h 07m 07s)
Day 5 - Comping.mp4
35 mins
Day 6 The Cash Flow Quadrant And Building A Business
25 mins
Day 7 The Challenge Round Up
33 mins

Meet Dr Nikki!

I am a UK-based GP, who has a specialist interest in how money affects my patients both mentally and physically. I have a wealth of personal experience when it comes to making money mistakes! I’m on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being.