The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge by Nikki Ramskill

The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge

The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge will help you to make you to kickstart your savings so that they can support you in a crisis. The concepts work for ANY savings goal, so feel free to apply them to anything you want to achieve.

What's included?

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The £1000 Challenge CheckList FINAL.pdf
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Day 1 of the £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge.mp4
58 mins
Day 2 - Matched Betting.mp4
47 mins
Day 3 - Side-Hustle Selling.mp4
48 mins
Day 4 - Becoming a virtual assistant.mp4
(1h 07m 07s)
Day 5 - Comping.mp4
35 mins
Day 6 The Cash Flow Quadrant And Building A Business
25 mins
Day 7 The Challenge Round Up
33 mins

Meet Dr Nikki!

Dr Nikki, The Female Money Doctor, is the ONLY doctor to be featured in the top 25 feedspot list of Personal Finance Blogs in the UK.

With over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor and women’s health specialist, she sees the impact poor money management skills have on the mental health of her patients and colleagues, and is on a mission to change that.

She believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background.