The Beginner's Guide To Investing by Nikki Ramskill

The Beginner's Guide To Investing

In this 8-week course you'll be shown the ins and outs of investing with index trackers. It's investing for busy women without the stuffy pin-stripe suits! 

Investing is THE ONLY way you're going to beat inflation, and you NEED to invest so that one day you can actually have the RETIREMENT you WANT rather than the retirement that lets you down. Even worse, you'll be working long into your 70s.

And with a 28-day money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose! Why not try it out?

The first 6 people to sign up will receive 1 hour of coaching with me to implement whatever you need to in the course too....


What's included?

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Start Here
Introduction - Start Here!
3 mins
Legals - Please Read
How Investing Fits In
Lesson 1: Getting Your Financial House In Order
4 mins
[WORKBOOK] Introduction
94.6 KB
Day 1 - Assets, Liabilities and Credit Scores
11 mins
131 KB
Day 2 - Calculating Your Net Worth
16 mins
126 KB
Day 3 - Money Mindset Issues
18 mins
117 KB
Day 4 - Finding Extra Money To Invest
11 mins
107 KB
Day 5 - How To Make More Money On the Side To Invest
10 mins
152 KB
Day 6 - Building Your Savings and Investments
11 mins
109 KB
Day 7 - Budgeting and Money Dates
17 mins
146 KB
Week 1 - What Is The Stock Market?
Lesson 2: The Basics Of The Stock Market
2 mins
[WORKBOOK] Stockmarket Fundamentals
227 KB
Week 2 - Successful Investing Principles
Lesson 3: Investing Success Principles
5 mins
[WORKBOOK] Successful Investing Principles
245 KB
Lesson 4: Setting Up Hargreaves Lansdown
3 mins
Setting up an HL account
13 mins
Week 3 - Setting Up A Portfolio
Lesson 5: Picking Your First Fund
3 mins
[WORKBOOK] Dissecting Funds
527 KB
Lesson 6a: Creating A Basic Portfolio
9 mins
[WORKBOOK] Creating a Basic Portfolio
205 KB
[TOOL] Net Worth Calculator
86.7 KB
[TOOL] How to assess how well your portfolio is performing
69.5 KB
Interest vs Dividends
7 mins
Week 4 - The Mindset Of A Successful Investor
Lesson 6b - Start Where You Are
9 mins
Lesson 7: Investor's Mindset
3 mins
[WORKBOOK] Successful Investor Mindset
191 KB
Week 5 - How Is Your Portfolio Doing?
Lesson 8: How To Assess Your Portfolio
5 mins
How To Rebalance Your Portfolio
9 mins
[TOOL] How to rebalance your portfolio
36.5 KB
[TOOL] How to assess how well your portfolio is performing
69.5 KB
Week 6 - Spending The Money
Lesson 9: How To Spend Your Money
4 mins
[WORKBOOK] Spending your money
188 KB
The Money Waterfall System
10 mins
[SLIDES] The Money Waterfall System
997 KB
Week 7 - Next Steps Investing
Children and Investing
12 mins
[WORKBOOK] Children and Investing
288 KB
Property Part 1
16 mins
[WORKBOOK] Property Part 1
218 KB
Ethical Investing
25 mins
[WORKBOOK] Ethical Investing
160 KB
Property Part 2
32 mins
[WORKBOOK] Property Part 2
377 KB
Week 8 - Beyond The Course
Lesson 10: Beyond The Course
8 mins
[WORKBOOK] Beyond the course
189 KB
2 mins
FB Lives and Interviews
8th May 2018 - Week 1-3 Recap of the Course
49 mins
June 4th 2018 - Recap of Week 4 of The Course
34 mins
Facebook Live 24th June 2019.mp4
(1h 10m 08s)
[SLIDES] June 24th Facebook Live Session
244 KB
Opening Ceremony 29th July 2019.mp4
36 mins
8th August 2019 Week 1&2 Recap.mp4
54 mins
22nd August 2019 Week 3&4 Recap.mp4
(1h 22m 13s)
August 29th 2019 Week 5 Recap.mp4
38 mins
5th September 2019 Week 6 Recap.mp4
22 mins

Meet Dr Nikki!

I am a UK-based GP Registrar, who has a specialist interest in how money affects my patients both mentally and physically. I have a wealth of personal experience when it comes to making money mistakes! I’m on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being. Runner up for Best New Money Blog 2019 at the SHOMO awards!


I’m nervous. Will I lose all my money if the stock market crashes?

Don’t be. In the course, I talk about “the rules” I suggest you to follow, and if you do this, the affect of dips in the stock market will be minimal, and you’ll learn to celebrate times like these.

Why would a doctor talk about finances?

I can see the effect of poor financial management everyday in my work. Stress, anxiety, depression and poor physical health can often be linked back to poor financial decisions. I feel that as my role as a primary care provider, I have a responsibility to teach people how to better manage their finances – a job that should be done in school, but sadly isn’t. Investing is the first of many courses I will be running in financial management.

I don’t have any money to invest, can I still do the course?

Yes absolutely! In lesson 1 I go through ways you can find or make the money you need to get started from as little as £25 per month.

Can I ask for a refund if the course isn’t for me?

Yes, providing you ask for a refund within 14 days of receiving your log-in details. Just email and we’ll send your money back, no questions asked. Unfortunately after 14 days I will be unable to offer you a refund. Please bear in mind that all bonuses will not be released until after the 14 day period, and you will not be able to stay in the private facebook group if you decide to refund the course out of respect for other paying members.

Can my partner do the course with me?

Absolutely! I’m very happy for you to share the course material within households, but please not between separate households. My business is currently small, and I would appreciate respect and courtesy when it comes to sharing my material (by letting others pay for it like you!).

Are you a regulated adviser?

No I’m not. I’m a medical doctor working in the UK. I cannot give you direct advice about which funds to pick, nor will I attempt to. My aim is to get you feeling confident with your own choices, and I feel that coming from a “lay” background, I have put together a way of doing this that isn’t filled with annoying jargon. If you would like a financial adviser, then can I suggest that you try I cannot guarantee the quality of anyone you employ, but going through this course will help you with the questions to ask.

How long does the course take?

The course consists of 10 lessons, spanning 4 weeks. Aside from week one, where you have a set of tasks to do every day, the final 3 weeks consist of 3 lessons each. These are drip fed gradually so as not to overwhelm you. You decide how long you wish to take, and there is no time limit to access.

Is there a time limit on the course material?

No. Once you have gone through the course, it will be left open for you. As an extra special incentive, I will make future bonuses for the course available to you once they are added. You can still participate in the Facebook community, and attend any live calls that I do.

My question isn’t here, how do I get in touch with you to ask?

I am available by email, and I will endeavour to respond asap. I do not currently have any team members, so please bear with me if it takes a little longer to respond than you would like.

You can also find me on Facebook:

I have lots of money in a cash ISA, is the course relevant to me?

Yes! If you’re looking at this page, it means you are considering investing, and I want to celebrate your bravery to step up and ask for help! You can convert your cash ISA into a stocks and shares ISA and start investing straightaway.