The Debt Busting Bootcamp by Nikki Ramskill

The Debt Busting Bootcamp

This bundle will go through the action steps you must take in order to become debt free. Go through each video in turn and take your time. Changing your habits won’t happen overnight, especially if, like me, you’ve been overspending for ages. Subscription Only.

What's included?

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Start Here!
4 mins
[WORKBOOK] Debt Busting Bootcamp Workbook
353 KB
Video 1 - Get Organised
Get Organised!
5 mins
Video 2 - Why Did You Get Into Debt?
Why Did You Get Into Debt?
27 mins
[SLIDES] What Got You Into Debt?
161 KB
Video 3 - Forgiveness
Forgiveness Work
12 mins
[SLIDES] Forgiveness
120 KB
Video 4 - The Deep Freeze
The Deep Freeze
5 mins
Video 5 - Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt
Good Debt Vs Bad Debt
20 mins
[SLIDES] Good Debt Vs Bad Debt
64.3 KB
Video 6 - The Debt Snowball
The Debt Snowball
10 mins
[SLIDES] Debt Snowball
565 KB
Video 7 - Debt Freedom Date
Debt Free Date
10 mins
[CERTIFICATE] Debt Free Declaration
27.5 KB
[TOOL] Debt Payoff Calculator
70.7 KB
Debt Payoff Assistant App
Video 8 - Maintenance
Maintenance - YOU DID IT!!!
5 mins